How To Apply

Signatories are authorities, agencies, bodies or institutions. They must be independent of the academic institutions delivering accredited programmes within their jurisdiction.

Signatories must be independent of the academic institutions delivering accredited or recognised programs within their jurisdiction. They also must be an authority, agency or institution representative of the engineering profession that has legal or recognised authority to accredit programs. 

They must be representative of the engineering profession and which have statutory powers or authority to accredit programmes of academic study. 

Applicants wishing to become a signatory should first contact the secretariat. 

The secretariat will (upon submission of preliminary documentation on its accreditation/recognition system together with the appropriate fee) present the application to the Executive Committee. A mentoring service is available should the applicant wish to make use of it. Alternatively, the Executive Committee may assign a team of two or three signatories as Mentors to assist the applicant in progressing towards provisional status.

Applications for admission must be accompanied by nominations from two signatories which can attest that the applicant meets the requirements for provisional status. Details of the content required in an application for provisional signatory status are provided in Section C of the Rules and Procedures.

A provisional signatory is a body that has demonstrated that it has an accreditation / recognition system conceptually similar to signatories, they have none of the rights or duties of signatories.  Organisations which hold provisional signatories are expected to work towards the goal of moving achieving recognition as a full signatory. Full signatory bodies are active in supporting provisional signatories to achieve this through the provision of mentoring.

The applicant must provide documentation to support their application and appear before a meeting of all signatories to present their application for provisional signatory status. The approval of provisional status must be unanimous.

Provisional Membership typically lasts from 2-4 years. Provisional Members must be supported by at least one Mentor during this time. When considered ready the applicant may then apply for full Signatory status at which time the Provisional Member's assessment process will be witnessed by a verification team who will then submit a report to the other signatories in accordance with the requirements set down in the Rules and Procedures.