Frequently Asked Questions

Is my degree accredited under an educational accord, for example the Washington Accord?

You can check this for yourself using the qualification checker on the home page. Go the home page, select the country where you gained your qualification. You will then see jurisdictions, within your country of interest, that are signatories to the educational accords.

Individual jurisdictions are responsible for maintaining a list of accredited programmes.

To determine whether your qualification is accredited under a specific accord, you need to follow the link, to the jurisdiction which is listed as a signatory in your country of interest.

I have a qualification from a country with provisional status to an educational accord. Is my degree accredited under that accord?

No. Only those educational programs accredited by full signatories are recognised under the educational accords.

I completed my base qualification (i.e. Bachelors Degree) from a country which is not a signatory to the educational accords. I have now completed a higher qualification (i.e. Masters) from a country that is a signatory. Are my qualifications accredited

The fact that you have a higher degree from a country that is a signatory to the Washington Accord does not change the status of your initial engineering degree.

Soy nicaragüense y me gustaría trabajar en el país me he desarrollado como ing. En construcción de que manera ustedes me podrían ayudar, gracias?

Toda la correspondencia se lleva a cabo en Inglés. Si su pregunta no está escrito en Inglés no será atendida.

I am a Chartered Engineer and have been assessed in my home jurisdiction please add me to the Washington Accord (for example). 

The Signatories of the Educational Accords are all accreditation agencies that accredit programmes at institutions that have legal authority to confer qualifications whereby satisfying academic requirements for admission to practice status (e.g. licensing, registration) in a jurisdiction. I am not able to add you to the Accord as membership is not for individuals.

Our IT department does not allow me to access the web-site due to security concerns. Is there anything that we can do to ascertain if a particular qualification is accredited other then via the website.

You will have to obtain approval from your IT department to carry out the search themselves taking whatever precautions they require. The requirements of your IT department are beyond the control of the International Engineering Alliance.

Alternatively you could seek the information directly from the specific jurisdiction around their accredited programmes.