IETA Agreement

The International Engineering Technologists Agreement allows for the mutual recognition of the substantial equivalency of standards establishing the competency for practicing Engineering Technologists

Through the International Engineering Technologists Agreement (IETA), the members aim to facilitate cross-border practice by experienced practicing engineering technologists by establishing a framework for their recognition based on confidence in the integrity of national assessment systems, secured through continuing mutual inspection and evaluation of those systems.

The IETA therefore provides a framework within which the appropriate responsible body in an economy may, to the extent it considers appropriate, recognise the substantial equivalence in professional competence and standing of experienced engineering technologists licensed, registered, certified or otherwise deemed eligible for independent practice in another economy within which the signatory organisations have standing.

The members note that such registration will only be effective if the responsible bodies in the relevant economies accept the validity of the procedures and criteria through which substantial equivalence is established, and streamline the procedures for granting rights of practice in their economies to registrants applying through this mechanism.

The members will therefore use their best endeavours to ensure that responsible bodies in the economies within which they have standing use the International Register as a foundation upon which to streamline procedures to be adopted in dealing with applications by registrants based in the economies concerned